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photo of club members on #9 greenMembership at Spring Creek Golf Club

Spring Creek Golf Club in Salem, Missouri offers a variety of memberships to meet your specific needs.

  • Full Golf Membership - Family & Corporate
  • Junior Golf Membership
  • Social Membership for the Non-golfer

All of our golf membership plans include unlimited golfing with no tee times required. All memberships include couples and families at no additional cost. Your family includes minor children living at home or children who are full time students under 25 and sharing your address. You will enjoy the full use of all Spring Creek Golf Club facilities. This includes the golf course, driving range, putting green, and swimming pool (in season). In addition you are welcome at all club social events, tournaments, and league play.

The 2017 Membership Buddy Plan

An annual golf membership is even more affordable at Spring Creek Golf Club with the introduction of the new Buddy Plan. This plan effects both existing members and prospective members, and encourages club growth. For full details, CLICK HERE to download the PDF flyer.

    Download a PDF copy of the Revised Member Handbook

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Spring Creek Golf Club ♦ 99 County Road 3220 Salem, Missouri 65560 ♦ PH 573-729-3080

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